Bulletproof Chocolate Instead Of Coffee

Hi there,


Is anyone tried drinking bulletproof chocolate in the morning instead of coffee? unfortunately coffee does not agree with my body. if yes what is your recipe, same butter and brain octane oil? Thanks


  • Well I grind my own cacao beans and make it from there, I never tried upgraded chocolate since its a bit pricey compared to just grinding my own or using other powders. I tend to use the same stuff as I would bulletproof coffee sometimes(butter and mct oil), both similar taste. If you have access to it or order online, cacao butter goes great with chocolate in the morning, I use that instead butter most of the time for my chocolate but either or. Macadamia/Pistachio nut oil goes pretty good with it too. A recipe I make with chocolate:


    - 2-4 tbsp Cacao beans/powder 

    - 2 tsp Cacao Butter or 1 part Cacao Butter, other part Coconut Manna

    - Stevia powder and/or vanilla extract

    - 1 tsp MCT Oil

    - Grass-fed whole milk(or any preferred milk substitute)

    - Pinch of Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg, cayenne pepper(optional)

    - Pinch of cordyceps mushroom powder(optional, I think it blends well with the coffee/cacao flavor)

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