Bp Recipes Also Have Mct Oil, How Much Is Too Much?

I was looking through the BP cookbook, and noticed that many of the recipes include MCT  or coconut oil. This is in addition to the BP coffee in the am. How much MCT oil is too much....do many of you BP'ers put MCT oil in your salads, smoothies, etc?


I am a woman, so my nutritional needs would be less. Thanks in advance.


  • WalterWalter ✭✭✭

    If you're just starting out, yes it can be too much. One tablespoon per day is a lot already, you might even want to begin with one teaspoon. Another option is to start with coconut oil instead of MCT oil.


    I do put MCT oil on salads and in smoothies, but the total for one day rarely exceeds two tablespoons (or 30ml).

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