Modafinil Diary

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ordered the starter pack from modafinil cat.

first 10 days I will b trying modalert



Starting to take modafinil next week, and I'm going to keep a log of my mood, energy levels, and overall focus


Do you guys see value in me sharing my experiences here?



  • Yes, please share your experience here, I'm curious to see how it works for you. 


    Been on it for 3 days now (100 / 200 / 400 mg) and no difference at all. Very disappointed... 

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    day: 1

    woke up: 11 am

    took modelert at: 12pm

    ate small sandwich and coffee at 12 pm


    about 30 minutes later started to feel really good.

    Mental chatter was GONE.


    This is interesting because in the last week I have lost my job,

    my bag with my wallet, id, laptop, and smartphone, and my european visa


    so mental chatter was through the roof yesterday


    not today tho.


    Also felt very alive, focus, and present.

    Very awake and energetic as well.


    Had a few laugh bursts during the day.


    at around 21:30 mental chatter slowly increased, but still less than a usual day


    ate and drank as normal.


    c u all tmrw.


    NOTE: Got a new smartphone today, so from tmrw reports would b more detailed.

  • day 2:

    woke up: was up all night.

    It might have been because of the modafinil the previous day. Not sure tho,

    since it happens to me from time to time that I can't sleep, and as I said I got a LOT on my mind,

    having just a few days to get my visa for europe otherwise I need to leave.


    This day was really trippy, being on moda and not sleeping. I had a stomach ache,

    the kind of one i usually have when i don't sleep at night.


    I felt like I need to sleep but awake and alert at the same time.

    The "can do" feeling is still there. even tho i am half dead,

    I feel like everything will b ok, whatever challenge life will throw at me

    I could take it.


    it is a very positive reassuring feeling.


    usually when I don't sleep at night i have a ton of mental chatter the next day,

    and i am very out of focus.


    But this day was fine, even tho not as clear and focused as yesterday when i did sleep.


    slept two hours between 17-19.


    went to sleep at around 03AM.

  • day 3:

    woke up: 12 pm.

    kinda late tho I haven't slept the day before.


    Again no mental chatter. 


    Calm overall feeling that whatever life will throw at me Ill handle it.


    I notice that my feeling of hunger has changed.


    I can feel I am hungry, tho it does not "bother" me as much.


    its a feeling like my body is telling me "hey man, Im low on nutrients, I would appreciate some food for better performance"

    compared to a normal feeling of "hungry give me some food!"


    when I ate lunch I suddenly realized i was hungry for over an hour.


    definitely c how people would lose weight on moda,

    and have less cravings.


    all for all was a good day.

    very good day.


    no bursts of laughter.

    Felt very good, calm, and happy.


    took me over an hour to fall asleep.

    if this will persist I will research solutions for that.


    its not that I have mental chatter when I lay down, its more like

    I'm thinking in images and sounds, kinda like my mind is telling me

    it wants challenges and things to accomplish.

  • ...just saw this pop up and was curious myself as I have to pull long hours and focus at the desk.


    Reading through your transcripts above, I don't see any mention of what you are eating except for cup of BP coffee and a sandwich.


    It seems to me that if your diet isn't straight this will diminish the positive effects of any smart drug. 


    Are you following the bulletproof eating plan?

  • Just a note, if you don't eat with the modafinil (especially not a gluten-filled sandwich ?!?) you'll probably have a lot stronger / longer lasting effects.


    My sweet spot is using it while I'm fasted for a solid 6 hours before eating any food. By this point it doesn't interrupt anything, but gives me a much needed break (even if I don't consciously want one).

  • Those were "regular" coffees I took in the morning with the sandwich


    I stopped the experiment due to throat swelled throat, which I read could b one of the side effects of initial use.


    I will get back on it in a couple of days, starting with half a dose, and will resume the log.


    Not sure If I will log my diet as well,

    don't know if the hassle is worth it.


    I"m not on a BP diet.

    Eat mostly vegan, almost no bread, no sweets,

    no sugar, drink almost 100% tap water.

  • Throat starting to feel better.


    Took half a dose modalert today

    Felt really good.

    I think mental chatter was very low compared to usual day.


    Was a very productive day.


    tomorrow I will skip it do be sure the throat doesn't swell again.

  • Took a full dose today

    headaches .. I dont feel good ..


    won't b taking for the following days again

  • Be careful with how many days in a row you are taking it. You'd be better served doing 1 / week maximum.

  • OP, any more updates? Did you experience tolerance issues? I can sponsor the modafinil if you continue to share your experience.

    Also, for those that do not know, ModafinilCat shut down.

  • @RagnarLothbrok
    I haven't taken it again

    r u shipping moda worldwide?

    how often do u recommend taking it (and writing the report)

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