Calcium And Blackstrap Molasses

edited July 2016 in The Bulletproof Diet

I don't eat much dairy in my diet -- I do well with Whey Protein (isolate), but I tend to avoid casein, lactose, and cheese.  While I eat collard greens, sardines, lots of vegetables, etc., my calcium intake still isn't that great.  Today on cronometer it looks like I'm going to hit around 350mg/d unless I make an effort to really increase calcium-rich veg or throw in some sardines.  Looking at a weekly average, I hit right around 600-700mg/d of dietary calcium and upwards of 100g/d of protein.


I've heard bad things about supplementing calcium, and I'm not sure if I would be improving my health making an effort to eat more dairy.


Looking at different calcium rich foods, I've noticed that Blackstrap Molasses contains 400mg of calcium with around 26g of carbohydrate.  Would I be doing myself any favors trading stevia / erythritol in my smoothies for something like Molasses or making an effort to use that in meat marinades and sauces?  (Or, does it contain other unwanted compounds like heavy metals, fructose, etc, which would outweigh any potential benefits?)

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