My Wellnessfx Blood Draw Results.. Thoughts?

Hi all,


here are my most recent blood draw results that I uploaded to Wellness FX. I unfortunately forgot to tell my doctor to look into my testosterone, that one I would've been really curious about :/ other than that my cholesterol is not too good, vitamin D is good and so is hs-CRP, right? I am not following the bulletproof diet extremely, but for the most part I do. Low sugar, high fat, intermittent fasting. 


Screenshot of my results is here:



Thanks for looking and thanks for your thoughts on my overall health!


  • Hi there,


    I also just got my results. I know that the cholesterol thing is not to worry (too much?) about, but... my cholesterol levels also went to the roof! 

    My Thyroid TSH also went up and I don't know why.

    Other things actually improved quite a lot: sugar levels, vitamins (D, B12) iron, etc. inflammation markers and cortisol also went down.


    Are there others Bulletproof'ers with high cholesterol? 


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