Fasting Vs Breakfast Post Fasted Cardio

Hi All,


Wanted some opinions on following if possible. I am looking to lose some BF while minimizing muscle loss. I have started doing 45 minutes of fasted cardio every morning around 5:30AM.


I wanted to know directly after the cardio , is it better to complete option A or option B


Option A: Fast until midday

Option B: Bulletproof Coffee & 6 Eggs w/ Black Peppercorn


assuming we are keeping daily calorie / macro breakdown constant and we are purely looking at nutrient timing.


Thanks !




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    Thanks Jason ! I'm good to essentially "carb fast" until around my actual workout times right ?


    So I usually will try to keep between 100-150g carbs daily, taking in around 40g:40g:40g Pre Meal, Intra and Post Meal


    usually along the lines of Long Grain Rice, Dextrose then Sweet Potato


    Sometimes I skip the sweet potato if I don't feel I need it following the workout and keep to 40g Pre Meal and 40g Intra


    (rest from veg throughout day)

  • Sorry to follow up on above "my actual workout times" I was referring to my afternoon weight session around 14:00 - so my first real carb intake is usually consumed around 13:00

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    What was your starting weight and macro breakdown?


    I am currently around 87kg (191lb) - would something more like below be slightly better ? If adding a blueberry source to evening for example


    07:00 - BP Coffee (24g Butter, 1 tbsp Brain Octane) and then 6 Eggs w/ Black Pepper cooked in Butter || 822 Kcals (43g Protein, 74g Fat, 0g Carbs)

    10:00 - 175g Marinated Chicken* w/ 100g Spinach || 202Kcals (42g Protein, 2g Fat, 4g Carbs)

    13:00 - 175g Marinated Chicken* w/ 100g Spinach and 130g White Rice || 416Kcals (46g Protein, 5g Fat, 44g Carbs)

    14:00 - Intraworkout (15g BCAA, 50g Dextrose, 5g Creatine Mono, 5g Glutamine Peptides) || 222Kcals (15g Protein, 0g Fat, 40g Carbs)  

    15:30 - 175g Marinated Chicken* w/ 80g Black Kale & 200g Sweet Potato || 376Kcals (45g Protein, 3g Fat, 42g Carbs)

    19:00 - 225g Rump Steak w/ Butter and 80g Kale & Mushrooms || 546Kcals (52g Protein, 37g Fat, 2g Carbs)

    21:30 - Fage Total 0% Yogurt w/ Blueberries, Chamomile Tea, tbsp of Honey & Brain Octane || 332Kcals (17g Protein, 14g Fat, 33g Carbs)


    Totals: 2916Kcals,

    Protein: 260g (35.7%)

    Fats: 135g (41.7%)

    Carbs: 165g (22.6%)

    *Marinate is Jerk Spices, Oregano, Parsley, Turmeric and Coriander




    I guess I need to start finding a better "work meal prep" meat other than chicken such as salmon , etc

  • Thanks James ! Do you have a sample BP diet you are using currently? As we seem to be similar weight. 


    Ok thanks for the info! I will try moving to a carb based diet and see how I get on - are you a fan of cycling keto diets in throughout the year?

  • Thanks for the info Jason! 

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