Mold Testing - Home Or Person?



If you suspect mold might be contributing to health issues, would you suggest testing the home for mold or testing person for blood markers of mold exposure? It would seem like testing the person would be more specific?


Thank you



  • sparefilmssparefilms Post-human Construct ✭✭✭

    I would recommend starting with home and workplace testing. Settling-tray tests in a room with heavy HVAC unit airflow are inexpensive and have an adequate accuracy rating, but you must also do an outdoor environmental test as a control sample.


    Blood tests are far more expensive and can require physician approval, running the risk medical bills on top of the blood test fees. These should only be pursued after you confirm mold exposure has occurred.Think of yourself as a person who has never smoked a day in their life, never worked in a smoke-filled environment, going straight to an oncologist to be tested for lung cancer because you develop a severe cough. Without preliminary diagnosis how can you tell if it is lung cancer vs a cold? Best to determine any environmental exposure first.

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