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Hey folks! I'm a 22-year old male. I'm 6'1ft (186cm) and have lost 55lbs(25kg) in the past 5 months. My current weight is 180lbs (82kg)


I go to gym 3 times a week, M/W/F and run 3 times a week T/T/S. I still have a small belly and some fat around my waist, so I can probably still lost 10lbs.


That being said, I'd appreciate a lot if you guys could look through my eating routine and offer me some tips.




Green Smoothie:


-Half Avocado

-1 Banana

-1 Kiwi

-1 Apple

-50g Spinach

-Chia Seeds

-1 tbsp coconut oil


11PM Snack:


-1.7oz 50g Almonds + Coffee


Lunch: Salad


-Lettuce Mix

-Bell Peppers

-125g Kidney Beans

-7 Cherry Tomatoes

-Nuts (Cashew, Pecan, mix) ~1oz 30G

-1-2tbsp olive oil


Afternoon Snack:


-3 eggs cooked with coconut oil





-Wild Caught 4oz Salmon

-10oz (400g) Frozen Vegetables


And that's it basically. I realize that as I lose more weight, I'll have to increase my calories/find my maintenance. However, some days I eat less than this (I skip eggs) as I feel quite full and honestly I don't have any problem. I feel very well.


What I'm looking for is improving my mental and my athletic performance. 


So based on this, what do you think. What should I add/remove from my diet? I do eat a lot of fruit so I might have to tackle that in the future.




  • WalterWalter ✭✭✭

    Just at a glance, you are running a pretty large deficit. To optimize things I recommend calculating your caloric needs based on your activity levels (since you only have one real rest day), and then tracking how much you eat in terms of calories. If you've been eating too little for 5 months, it's probably time to eat more and optimize your metabolism.


    If I quickly calculate your meal plan I get to about 2000kcal, based on your height/weight and activity you would need somewhere between 2500 and 2800 (depending on how intense your workouts are).


    Some general guidelines to choose foods: more carbs around/after workouts, more fats not around workouts, protein stable throughout the day. Check out the Bulletproof Infographic for more detailed advice, and of course notice your own response to foods.

  • CallenCallen
    edited August 2016

    Why so much sugar in your morning smoothie? It should be primarily vegetables and just one apple or pear to make it edible. 


    Also, Dr. Rhonda Patrick said that you should never mix fats with sugar. I don't remember her reasoning, however.

  • I would faint if I lived on that diet. I need at least 2 - 3pounds of animal protein today. Then again, each to their own, but honestly, it doesn't seem as though you're really eating all that much. 

  • Why not have bulletproof coffee in the morning and stick with the intermittent fasting to hit the weight loss goal? Even if you are training in the morning, why not keep the high fat ketosis going?

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