Should I Count Fat Content Of Meat As Part Of My Daily Fat Intake?

I've been easing back into bulletproof eating over the past couple of weeks.  In order to make sure I'm in the ballpark for my daily protein, carb, and fat requirements I've been making an effort to roughly track how many grams of each I'm eating.  This has been helpful in adapting the concept to the foods I prefer to eat rather than using the exact foods on Dave's meal plan.  For now, it is helping to save money and use foods I already have that are not bad.


Anyway,  My question is this:  What part of the fat content in food do we count toward that goal?  For instance, a Strauss NY strip steak has


Total Fat 17g

Saturated Fat 7g

Trans Fat 0g


Do I count the total fat 17g or the Saturated fat 7g toward my daily goal?


I know that saturated fat is the good fat we want, but what is the other 10g? 



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