Modafinil Generic Manufacture Comparison

I've encountered 3 different generic manufactures producing Modafinil 200MG at local pharmacies and tried 2.  I'm curious what manufacture the majority is taking or if taking the brand.  I've had great success with Aurobindo as the manufacture, not so much with Mylar and may try Orchid soon.

All input is welcome ONLY regarding Modafinil. Please no comments about Modalert, Modavigil or anything of the nature.  Thanks!


  • Modafinil is a chemical compound. In theory, the brand shouldn't matter much minus the difference in dosage per serving.


    Any differences would be due to formulations including modafinil (or its variations).

  • Well i had another generic manufacture and they're all very different IMO.  This last one was Watson same dosage (200mg) but between the 3 I like Aurabindo the best and haven't looked back.  Im curious though why no one has any thoughts on the subject.

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    I have only tried three generics: Modalert, Modvigil and Waklert. Never tried provigil or nuvigil.
    Waklert is armodafinil.

    Modalert 200mg and 100mg --> Sun Pharmaceuticals
    Modvigil 200mg --> HAB Pharmaceuticals
    Waklert 150mg --> Sun Pharmaceuticals

    I sometimes get slight headache on modalert & modvigil when I don't drink enough water or skip meals. However, this side-effect was less pronounced when I was taking Waklert.

    Waklert (armodafinil) also lacks the "quick-punch" compared to modafinil. This is because modafinil has two enantiomers: R-enantiomer and S-enantiomer.

    S-enantiomer has half life of 4-5 hours and thus reaches peak plasma concentration a lot quicker.
    Armodafinil is almost same as modafinil, but it only has the R-enantiomer. The R-enantiomer has a half life of about 15 hours and takes slightly longer to reach peak plasma concentration.

    TL;DR: Modalert is best modafinil generic. Waklert is the best armodafinil generic. Modafinil acts quicker, but also wears off quicker. Waklert can power you through for longer number of hours. I personally found side effects less pronounced with Waklert.

    2.) Personal experience
    3.) I run an e-com site that sells modafinil/armodafinil. A majority of my customers share my experience. I don't want to appear as a spammer, so won't share the URL unless asked.

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