Hotel Life Vs Nutrition

I am currently living out of a hotel Monday to Friday. I have access to a small communal fridge at work and microwave there. A kettle in my hotel room.



My breakfast is cheap ass classic hotel food, the eggs won't be free range, the bacon won't be outdoor reared, there are cereal options and porridge.

The only local breakfast alternatives are bread and sugar based.



My lunch is typically olives, meats, cheeses and leaves that I buy in the morning on the way to work.

The only local lunch alternative is unreliable quality and mostly bread, potatoes and rice with sugary sauces.



I eat at the only non chain restaurant in town, they use heritgage veg and pastured free range meat, and have high carb and low carb options. Here is my only human part of the week.



Any tips on improving my daily nutrition with snacks or alternatives? Having no way to cook or store food that needs to be cold seems to be the main block. I want more calories with inbetween meal snacks. Should I just buy a box of daves bars?



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    Unpasteurized eggs don't require refrigeration. They last 3-4 weeks at room temp. You can eat them raw (if you trust the source) or poach them with water from the kettle.


    Chlorella, spirulina and wheat grass tablets/powder will give you some veg


    Fresh veg can last a couple of days at room temp


    Butter lasts at room temp several weeks. I assume you already have brain octane oil in your room.


    Canned sardines, anchovies, mackerel, and herring are great sources of protein and low mercury sources of omega 3. No refrigeration required.


    If you are going to be there long enough, look into buying a mini fridge. Otherwise, buy a big igloo cooler and max out the ice machine at your hotel.


    Hopefully this gets you started.

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    Thanks, I am not a fan of the nuke however there is only so much raw green veg I can handle, this week I trialled butter, green beans, brocolis and peas for 2 minutes. It was a reasonably good snack and my legs didn't drop off.

    Iv'e got my brain octain oil and good butter at work, having to shake my BP coffee but it still works out alright.


    Good call on the eggs! I might start to experiment next week.

  • You can take dietary supplements and drink milk everyday

  • @MildredRussell said:
    You can take dietary supplements and drink milk everyday


  • Try to get some robust fruits like apples and things that can stay OK for longer. Vegetables may not be the best raw (in my opinion) but they usually last fairly long. If you're looking for the rest of your meals try to find easy to make meals. Things like rice, sandwiches, soups, and others that are easily made. If anything you could use an iron or buy a small heating pad to cook simple dishes. You don't need a stove or microwave if you have a portable one or even an iron to warm food up with. There are many tricks that can help you eat easier.

  • I have kind of a crazy set up whenever I'm traveling. I bring my backpacking stove (get at REI) which weighs almost nothing, and a small backpacking pot. That way, you can always have home cooked meals. I also have a travel blender:
    that I take with me. Also a small ice chest might be necessary.

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