I Haven't Lost Any Weigh Since I Started Bp And It's Now 2 Months.

Hello there,


I started 1st on ketogenic diet and than the BP diet . It is now 2 months.


My stats: 174 cm, 55 kg. I think if you read this you think I am under weigh for my height.


In the beginning, I was eating cream cheese, greek yogurt and some berries.Than I started reading the bulletproof book and I started to add XCT oil and have a matcha latte in the morning with XCT and grass feb butter.


Than after reading, I realized maybe I should start drinking BP coffee .So  I did not start the BP coffee until about 3 weeks ago and I was on holiday in Tokyo. 


I try to stay on the BP diet but had a few bites of peaches,watermelon etc.and some white rice ( But I do pour XCT oil on it)also I ate some tofu ( Non GMO )


I take tons of supplements as well as pink himalayan salt in water upon waking. 

As for exercise, it's mild like Yoga and Yamuna ball rolling.


Does that mean I am in my optimum weigh and it won't go down? 

However, I know I feel great and my clothes fit me much better . No more love handles or belly. and my arms are less flabby.


Could it be I don't get enough FAT/OILS in my daily diet?


My typical day is I start out with my pink salt water, than BP Coffee and supplements. Lunch would be around 2pm. Steamed vegetables with a chunk of butter. Than around 3 pm I will have a matcha BP tea. Dinner would be vegetables or a soup(with XCT oil and butter) and maybe a hamburger patty or pork belly.


Should I cut out cheese and yogurt and fruits?


Look forward to hear your advise!



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