100% Grass Fed Means...?

Does 100% grass fed mean not finished on grain? 

Does grass fed and grass finished mean the same thing? 


Does anyone know anything about how MUCH better grass fed (but finished on grain) is for us than feed lot beef? I am not interested in buying anything other than grass fed and finished, just curious. It's gotta be better than feed lot but I wonder how much that grain finish invades the health benefits.





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    if you are in the US https://www.ams.usda.gov/grades-standards/beef/grassfed


    have a conversation with the retailer/butcher.


    ask questions about how the cattle were raised, what they were fed etc.

    at least you'll have a good story to go along with the price.


    I think lately it's a load of bs. I thought I could identify grass fed from grain fed / finished. Originally the switch was difficult because the taste was distinctly different.

    these days I can't taste the difference from the options available, but when I get the opportunity to have beef from other places or from animals hunted I can taste the difference.


    I don't buy the story that there are measures taken by the rancher, butcher or whomever to completely mask/remove the gamey flavor from an uncooked, unadulterated, unprocessed steak.

    which is basically the miracle performed on the so called grass fed beef I buy, because I can't taste it.


    has anyone used the gamey taste test? 

    have a link to any "degamification" techniques? 

  • You need to make sure to find meat that is 100% grass-fed/grass-finished. If it doesn't say 100% grass-fed, then it's most likely grain-finishd! 

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    and I reply to myself. lol

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