Wearables For 24/7 Tracking

I want to get into self tracking, and would appreciate some advice from experienced users.

I've researched online for a few hours and there is contradicting data everywhere.


Keep in mind I"m new to biohacking so go easy on me :)


Mobile - Android

Laptop - Linux

Occupation - Programmer


Here's what I want to track / optimize:

  • HR - 24/7
  • Light absorption / exposure - 24/7
  • Time sitting / Standing / laying down - 24/7
  • Automatic food / water intake
  • Brainwaves for meditation - LIVE, real time, ideally with a gamified app
  • Sleep time, cycles, quality - can b manually, ideally with an app with smart alarm clock
  • Blood pressure


Even some general guidance would b appreciated!


PS. With the amount of time and money Dave Asprey claims to have invested into this,

it seems odd to me I couldn't find a detailed comparison and recommendations about wearables by his part.

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