Baby Nap And Sleep Schedule

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My 16 month old girl doesn't really nap during the day maybe dozes off in light sleep 40 minutes max, but has excelent sleep at night 10 to 12 hours un-interrupted.

She was breastfed only 8 days due to exceptional circumstances. No health issues but born with scoliosis, eats well both quality and quantity- not really bp but close. Very tall but slim. She was an active baby from birth, in some ways advanced for age.

Her new nanny is shocked by her lack of naps and thinks my girl is exhausted. She had always seemed ok to me, but I don't really know, I hope it isn't a permenant state of fight or flight. Even when I take her on long walks she will rest and observe the surroundings, but doesn't fall asleep. At bedtime, as soon as I turn off the light she relaxes and goes to sleep immediately.

Does my baby need to nap more? Can anyone help ?


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    Naps are normal, but not required.


    If she is not acting tired and cranky all the time, I wouldn't worry about it. And if she's sleeping well over night, to me that just confirms that she's ok.


    Lots of kids (probably older than 16 mo) will have quiet time instead of actually napping. Depends on the kid.

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