Full-On Bp Liquid Diet?


Time & all info greatly appreciated. I've done my due diligence and can't find any info, already available.. so I ask here:

Every-so-often I do a full-on liquid diet.. usually for 30 days. I find that it re-sets all bad habits & puts food addictions into check. I know the BP diet will to the same.. but I literally just want to shake & drink for a month.

Can I do a bulletproof liquid diet? Is there such a thing? For example; Bulletproof coffee in the morning, followed by 4(?) BP protein shakes throughout the day.


What would the shake recipe be? Powder + Brain Octane + (?)

Has anyone done a full-on liquid diet with BP products? Is this common? Is there a link to a diary or more information on this subject?

Any information greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Kind regards,

Mikey D



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