Bulletproof Coffee And Intermittent Fasting Doesn’T Work…

…for me.

As yet.

I’ve been adhering strictly to it for two weeks and, whilst I’m experiencing a general improvement in well being, I’m seeing no change in the Ketostix or weight, and no change in ‘inflammation’.

My morning BulletProof coffee consists of, BulletProof beans as espresso, 2 tablespoons grass fed butter, 3 tablespoons Brain Oil, 2 tablespoons Collagen Protein, hot water.

I only eat between 16:00 and 20:00, with the occasional extra BulletProof coffee at 16:00.

My diet comes from:

Soup made from:



Sweet potato


Fennel seeds


Almond milk

XCT oil


Smoked mackerel

Poached salmon


Smoked salmon

Poached eggs




Nothing else!

I choose not to eat meat or poultry.

I am a very healthy 59, weigh 95kgs, could lose 7kgs, very active, very fit and strong, and train very hard 3 times a week.

What am I eating that I shouldn’t and what am I not eating that I should?

The whole BulletProof philosophy makes sense and is very appealing. I’d just like to see some change in the Ketostix, weight and inflammation.

Any help would be appreciated.


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