Haven't Quit My Job, But I Started A Business...

Danno RedDanno Red Practical Man

A friend of mine partnered me up with a B school grad that was also interested in food. We've been starting slow as we're both fully employed. I've developed a recipe for gluten-free waffle cones. They're all-natural, gluten-free, and vegan. We've started slow as I have to drive 50 miles to manufacture and I can only make about 80 per hour in my current manufacturing scheme. I have one solid customer for whom I produce cones once per week. If you're in Minnesota, it's Izzy's. The experience hasn't changed our lives yet and may never. But hearing from Izzy's employees that tasting our product has made people cry, write Yelp reviews, or tweet happy pics has been more rewarding than any other corporate anniversary gift or performance review ever could be. While not BP, because they have sugar, they're also made with coconut oil ... and they're delicious and almost everyone could use a treat once in a while, right? At least with this one, you're leaving a few of the big dietary sins uncommitted.


The cool thing is, our slow little startup is profitable already but as ice cream season slows in shops we're looking to move to consumer direct. Turns out ice cream consumption doesn't really drop in homes even though it does at shops. What would you guys pay for four to six 28 gram waffle cones? Is anyone interested in giving them a try? I'd be happy to ship some for review if people were willing to pay for shipping. Seems like a lot of folks share their stories here so thanks for reading and hope to hear from a few of you.


  • Hi Practical Man,

    This is encouraging! Glad to hear that your start up is doing well, please keep us posted.


    In response to your question - I would probably pay $2-3 for each cone (without any research, I have no clue what normal crap filled ones cost).

    I am down to try them out and give some feedback.


    Good luck

  • Danno RedDanno Red Practical Man

    PM me your address and when I have some cones to ship I'll get you on the list. And just so you know what I make, it's just the cones, not the ice cream that fills them!

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