Fitness Tracker Without Constant Bluetooth And Blue Light

The Basis Peak fitness tracker I've been using is subject to a company recall due to an unsolvable overheating issue, so I'm looking to get a replacement of some sort. I actually don't need much, just the time, a stopwatch, a vibrating alarm and a heart rate monitor, but my bigger issue is that I don't want constant Bluetooth (there has to be a way to keep it disabled most of the time), and I don't want blue light shining when I look at or check the watch at night. Anything out there that fits the bill? Thanks.


  • Thanks. Bluetooth produces EMF, though to a lesser extent than WiFi, and I don't want my wrist to be a 24/7 antenna. Do you know if the Fitbit Charge stops emitting a signal when the Bluetooth on the receiving device is turned off? (On the Basis there is a setting that allows you to turn off the Bluetooth in the actual device.)
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    You could take a look at the Garmin Vivosmart HR,

    unlike the Fitbit (unless they have added the feature recently), Bluetooth can be turned off (or so I read).

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  • Will take a look, thanks, guys. As far as Bluetooth passing through the body, I'm no expert but my understanding is that any electromagnetic force can pass into us. You may want to check out those podcast:

    Here's a relevant exchange from the transcript:

    Dave: ....What about the Bluetooth? Is Bluetooth better?

    Daniel: Think of it this way. A cell connection can go several miles. A Wi-Fi can go several hundred feet. A Bluetooth can go 30 to 50 feet. There are energy levels to get there. It’s relative. It’s much better than a cell tower connection but it’s still an RF signal. If it’s close to you and you can turn it off do it because we talked about the distance before. The other thing you’ve heard me mention is duration. It’s the distance and duration those are the things you need to worry about even all energy emissions like the 10 milligals that I mentioned before about the pregnant women. That’s relatively low energy levels. You want to try to even avoid those because they are playing with your cells.

    Dave: I’m always throwing on the show here I use these blue buds headset things. They’re Bluetooth and I see what you’re doing. People listen they know what I’m doing 152 times 2 110 or so episodes a year which is a pretty tough schedule like the amount of time that I’m sitting here under bad lighting. I mean its good lighting for the video but it’s not biologically good lighting. I’ve thought about switching back to wired but it’s really nice to be able to move around on the set. I’m not sure having wireless thing stuck to my ear is a very good idea.

    Daniel: My coaching is you should not use them by the way.
  • There is a sleep tracker/fitness tracker called the oura ring. It has its own onboard computer to collect the data offline and then sync with your phone when you turn the bluetooth back on.

    I would be interested in it as a sleep tracker but it also uses HRV algorithms desined by Polar so its a decent fitness tracker. Its water proof as well which is key, but its only drawback in that area is that its gonna get in the way of lifting weights because it is a ring on your finger. I havnt tried it personally but its on my wanted list.


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