How Many Carbs Do You Really Need? Take The 90-Second Cracker Test To Find Out If You Should Be Rest

Not tried it (yet) and am not sure about its validity!




How many carbs do YOU really need?

Take the 90-second cracker test to find out

if you should be restricting your intake


• Dr Sharon Moalem reveals test in book on eating according to your genes

• Some have high level of gene that makes starch-busting protein amylase

• Take test by eating cracker and noting change in taste from bland to sweet

• If it take less that 15 seconds your body breaks down starch quickly


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  • HegReg33HegReg33 ✭✭ ✭✭

    This is a good indicator of salivary amylase content, but that's about it. I wonder how well it reflects GI amylase activity...

    But still, the main problem with carbs is INSULIN SENSITIVITY. Just because you can break down starch into sugar, it doesn't mean you can handle carbs. You might as well just chug a bunch of glucose.

    Blood glucose testing is still king.

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