Combining The Bp Diet With Whole 30

So, I started the BP diet on July 23, 2014 and within 4 months banged off 70 lbs with a smile on my face and a song in my heart. (My coworker did it with me and lost 116 lbs in 5 months and has kept it off).


Over the past nearly two years, I have kept most of it off and all has been well. Last December, I was preparing to move to Europe and decided to enjoy all of those fun Christmas foods to the fullest extent of the law. I decided that I wanted to try the Whole 30 Detox diet just to clean out all the nonsense from Xmas...but, instead of just the Whole 30 protocol, stupid me, decided to make it a BP Whole no fruit, and none of the fun stuff that even the Whole 30 allows. Also it included IF everyday.


After a month of this, I was thinner than even before (even surpassing the original 70 lb mark) but angry and grumpy and stressed out everyday.  I was taking my full array of supplements (ala BP) without fail... and then had a shockingly stressful February with a colossal meltdown on Feb 7 that included shouting at my boss and then at his request, I ate 4000 calories of any kind of junk I could find in the house including a bag of marshmallows my wife had for the kid. This slippery slope was slippery indeed.


Since then, my diet has been Bullet - Resistant, not Bulletproof. I decided to cut the crap and go back to hard core BP dieting, including Butter Fast (BP Coffee for breakfast, IF, BP Tea for Dinner) twice per week. Banged off 10 of the 20 lbs that had crept back on nearly overnight.


I have since added back the BP Whole 30 craziness and guess what...bad mood, grumpy, and irritable have jumped back on my daily regimen.


What do you experts suggest? Why would tightening down everything to the strictest form of BP cause such a reaction. I don't need another meltdown (lest I get fired or divorced this time), and want to get back to my slimmest and trimmest.


I am back into ketosis (thankfully) but the constant irritability is getting noticed.





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    I had a similar situation as yourself. I Went BP January 2014 (low carb under 100g a day, at some points shooting for under 50g a day, weekly refeeds of 200-300g of carbs) and within 6 months dropped 80lbs. I was the slimmest i had been since puberty. At that point I realized i needed to up my carbs and shot for about 100g a day. Regardless of upping the carbs at some point in September 2014 I was stressed and freaked out, had bouts of depression, rage, and irritability. I started eating bread and breakfast cereal again and felt much better. Since then I've been experimenting off and on with different macronutrient ratios and find that I can't handle periods of low carb I think it messes with my adrenals and causing sensitivity to light and abnormal mental phenomena.


    When I go on a low carb, low calorie, and ketosis diet I get a certain level of edginess to my demeanor and is one of the reasons why I no longer intentionally shoot for low carb, low cal, or ketosis for any length of time. Maybe, once every couple of months do like a week long stretch of strict BP high fat low carb just for kicks.


    I am not sure what kind of response you were looking to get, but I think your case is pretty simple. If you are eating strict BP, taking the recommended supplements and getting into ketosis you probably  have a pretty good spread of micronutrients, the main areas to look at would be your carbs and protein. 


    My personal opinion is that a period of LCHF/ketosis can be tremendous for overweight and obese people, probably therapeutic, but at some point carbs, protein and calories should come up and the fat should go down. 


    Hope this helps.

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    "...messes with my adrenals and causing sensitivity to light..."


    You may have had trouble keeping your iris appropriately constricted/relaxed.

    I think it relates to aldosterone levels (produced by the adrenal cortex) and also norepinephrine.

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  • That makes sense. I know my cortisol was all over the place in January and I could feel it start to spike the minute I would walk out the door to work.

    I remember going shopping at the mall and being stressed out at the level of a major crisis....all because I couldn't find pants that fit right (who cares!).


    So, after dropping back to my base weight, I notice its just water fluctuation games between 160-165 lbs...and I cannot push through, which was the other reason that I wanted to try BP whole 30, but it appears to screw with the adrenals (my kidneys hurt everyday).


    So, what is the proper macronutrient spread to keep my weight same or lower without replacing all that nasty glycogen and water, without real weight gain (I like my size 30 pants) and yet keep my mood at least normal? Usually I am a pretty happy person...until I do this protocol...but this protocol gives results.


    It is starting to seem that strict sacrosanct following of the BP diet might not be the best thing....just sayin'

  • By the way, while doing butter fasting (the hard core version of the rapid weight loss protocol), I would have max 20 carbs per week...whatever was left in the grass fed ghee until refeed day. Man did that work. 100g per day of carbs seems decadent to the point of bacchanalian. Carbs are evil...arent they? BP diet says they are...even if they are good carbs.

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    'Carbs are evil' lol

    Carbs are great, so is fat, so is protein.

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  • I know carbs are great. I love them....they love to collect upon my butt.

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    Um, you guys might check on some minerals. Well when reintroducing carbs try eating less fat.


    Getting grumpy at first when going low carb is probably caused by blood sugar issues.


    Having had adrenal fatigue myself I can say nope ketosis is not a big problem but going too low calorie maybe. Also not just Daves recommendations on supplements but tracking my nutrients and making adjustments helped me with fixing a bunch of issues. Putassium, magnesium and baking soda.

    May you be well, may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be loved.

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