Sleeping With No Schedule

My job requires me to have completely off hours. Some days I'm up at 5am and other days I don't sleep til noon the following day. I try not to but sometimes required that I work 16-30 hours a time. So the times that I sleep at our completely varied. I recently quit ambien (which is very hard) but I have to take a bunch of over the counter pills usually to fall asleep, simple things just like magnesium don't do the trick. Curious if anyone had tips on being able to get to sleep when needed like this and not have horrible hangover effect like tons OTC give. Thanks for any tips


  • are you a poker player, i have a similarly chaotic schedule and have sleep issues and rarely see the sun and often go to bed when sun is up.
  • Yea I am. Was that just a lucky guess or are you one too?

  • Given your description in conjunction with your screen name typed as it is those were pretty big "tells".
  • Lol where do you play at?
  • From KC used to mostly play online since Black Friday moved to LA play at commerce mostly now
  • Lol I love in la play at commerce. Brandon demes I play the mix games. What's your name?
  • Wow this is hilarious I'm adam, Brian's friend from KC, funny we're in the same cult!
  • As far as helping remedy your sleep issues i'll relay what a sleep doctor told me in Vegas although to be honest i have no idea how "Bulletproof" this doctor is, i feel like most of the stuff on here is pretty cutting edge & somewhat controversial compared to what a standard issue doctor mite say or advise. But a few of the things he told me is that u want to avoid laying in your bed before sleep watching TV or reading, especially for long periods of time leading into your sleep. You want your mind and body to associate your bed with sleep and watching tv or reading or surfing net for hours confuses that correlating relationship which actually makes sense and seems like solid advise to me. Of course, i feel like most of the population can do that and not have issues but for troubled souls like us thats probably something that could tilt the odds positively in our favor.

    He also said that if you can't fall asleep within like the first 20-30 minutes you should get out of your room and go do something else like read until you become tired and then try again. This one is hard for me to follow through on as i feel like i'm giving up on falling asleep and its so frustrating for me to have to do that so often times i am stubborn and don't follow up on that advise.

    Since first posting in this thread i've unfortunately had a few blow ups which have spun directly after staying up a few hours later to play in a great poker game then waking up on 3 hours of sleep to do Super Bowl. I was kind of happy about that sleep deficit bc i was thinking it would allow me to not play poker that day & get to bed earlier and wake up earlier and actually see the sun. I did get to bed earlier than normal 4am (although i figured i'd retire well b4 that, perhaps 2 bulletproof coffees at 3pm helped me do that) What happened surprised even me with my history, i tossed around in bed for hours and hours, even went to the living to watch Tv for a bit and tried to fall back alseep, even in an act of desperation i went into my closet & thought about falling asleep in there bc it was so dark compared to my room. i eventually resorted to taking an ambien (zolpidem 5mg actually which i think is just the generic) and i fell alseep probably around 10am.

    Unfortunately the next night i had more demons again and it took me about 4 hours to fall asleep, this time after about 3.5 hours i took half a zolpidem and fell asleep. I finally installed black out curtains in my room, which still didn't make my room anywhere near as dark as i'd like as my closet is but it def made it considerably darker. After going to bed i was still awake for like an hour and had fears i was going to have another blowup for the third night in a row, thankfully i was able to fall asleep shortly thereafter. Its pretty sad that i'm thankful it only took me ~1.5 hr to fall asleep.

    Sorry for the diatribe you all, i'm a writer and blogger at heart.
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