Will Activated Charcoal Negate My Expensive Probiotics?

Hello, ever since I heard Dave talking about activated charcoal more than a year ago I've been taking it once a week for it's purported benefits.


However, I recently just bought some VSL#3 (Expensive pro-biotic recommended by Dr. Rhonda Patrick, if you know who she is) and have been taking it for about a week. I feel fantastic from taking it so far. 


I'm worried about continuing to take activated charcoal now that I'm populating my gut with these super beneficial bacteria. Wouldn't activated charcoal sweep out the good bacteria along with the bad? In the past, when I had a less than optimal microbiome, it was definitely helpful to just wash the whole thing away with activated charcoal. Now I'm not so sure what the effects will be, and I would hate to be wasting these probiotics especially considering how much of a difference they are making. 


Thanks in advance for any replies.



  • jcg3jcg3 ✭✭✭

    Take the charcoal 2 hours away from the probiotics and you should be fine.


    As far as I know, activated charcoal doesn't bind to bacteria, but rather to toxins and bile.


    If you're getting benefit from taking the charcoal once a week, by all means continue. But you can also just take it as needed - when you feel off, eat lower quality food, etc.

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