Klotho Gene


I have received my 23andme gene report, although generally satisfied, I have a rare mutation which is 1% likely in the Klotho gene.

The SNP for rs9536314 for me was(G;G). 80% of the population have the (T;T) alleles which was associated with normal cognitive abilities (executive function) and 20% have the (G;T) alleles that are associated with enhanced excutive function. (G;G) is associated with worse cognitive functions.

Information about Klotho:


Taking HMG-CoA inhibitors, like statins can up regulate Klotho expression.


Vitamin E (only tocotrinols) also found to downregulate HMG-CoA




My first question is :

Will expressing more of the Klotho gene without changing the SNP (G;G) will be beneficial ? (I don't know which amino acid the G substitute, or if it is a stop codon, something worth checking).

My second question :

I couldn't find pure Alpha tocotrinols supplement. Although, I have found a website that is selling it for research use, and should be stored at -20c. Can I buy Aplha Tocotrinols and make my own pills at home from this stuff ?

Thanks in Advance.


  • Where is the collective biohacking knowledge guys ? :) It's a pretty neat hack. I have started with high doses of Swanson Tocotrienols with natural vitamin C and I can see some benefits, such as self control and feeling of life satisfaction.

    On the other hand, I am eager to put it (no pun intended) on alpha tocotrienols for they are 10 time more powerful in preventing neural death and many other benefits (sorry for not linking research). I also eager to try lipid encapsulate it in my bulletproof coffee for better absorption.

    Any ideas and suggestions? It feel crap to be in this 1%, but I think it's a blessing to know how to hack it.
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