Hacking Quantities

Whenever I decide to screw up with my diet, I get lost on how much the quantities matter.


What is the impact difference in eating 1, 2 or 3 candies? 1, 2 or 3 slices of bread? 1, 2 or 3 deeply fried cassava?


  • You don't particularly quantify your quantities? 1, 2, 3 daily, weekly, monthly, yearly?


    Some people can't or wont handle extraneous sugar, gluten, or hydrogenated vegetable oil to any degree. 


    It just becomes a personal decision and figuring out the personal implications and impacts of what happens when you deviate from your diet. 

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    Thanks, BoH!


    In my case, I have no serious issues with any kind of food, I just feel less energized and sleep more when deviating from the diet. In practical terms, I'm trying hard to understand the effect of different quantities when I decide to deviate. I understand that it varies from person to person.


    What I'd like to know from this community is if the science has a more general answer to this question. If I have 1 candy, I should have some consequences; if I have 5 candies, should I expect 5x the consequences? Nature is non-linear, but I have no idea on the behavior of the health indicators once I increase quantities of bad stuff. Probably it also varies for each kind of food, but I've found no reference for any in special.

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    Your blood sugar will rise depending on the amount of sugar, so 5 candies will raise it more than 1 (depending on your personal biology/context), maybe not five times higher but higher nonetheless. And that higher blood sugar causes a stronger response (a whole hormone cascade) that isn't particularly healthy. Unless it happens after strenuous exercise, which shows again that context is everything. There are a lot of feedback loops within the human body, plus lot's of external factors, so it's difficult to make a model that keeps all those aspects into account, and can quantify what happens.


    But as a general rule, if you deviate and feel worse, you're doing something wrong and shouldn't care about quantities but to stop doing what your doing altogether.

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    Thanks, Walter!


    I've been for two years experimenting, so I now I have a fair idea on what reacts in my body. I'm BP 5-6 days per week, but, once I go out to have fun, I choose to enjoy it, and this is when I get puzzled.


    I know the consequences of having gluten or sugar. I know 2 has more effect than 1. The question in my devil mind is always: "Well, as I already had a slice of pizza, does it make much difference to have the second, or the third one...?". Am I going to fell lazy for 1/2/3 "weeks"? Or am I going to feel 2x or 3x lazier during the next "week"? (just to exemplify)


    I keep experimenting, but any inputs from this great community would be helpful in this journey. ;-)

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