Bulletproof Thoughts In Europe?

So the time has come where I've got a chance to go to Europe as I'll be changing jobs.


I have a month and I'm just taking the plunge as I always said I'd never have the chance to again in my youth.



My questions/thoughts are..... I don't really ever stray away from STRICT green in the BP spectrum, have been full-blown gluten free for years and pretty on point with nearly everything in my regimen. BUT I've always thought if/when I travel abroad, it would be kind of a pain and a disservice to not have a heineken in Amsterdam, or other small pleasures that I couldn't easily have again. I get it, the downstream effects and feeling non-ideal and all that. I'm well aware of the repercussions and no better than anyone.


My question is, does anybody have thoughts on a protocol to navigate something like this?


Maybe just:


1) Don't go insane

2) Fast when need be for a time after

3) Take charcoal with carbs

4) Take NAC + VitC


Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


  • It's really your decision. I would go for good enough instead of perfect, so not make a big deal of the little things. But then again I'm not dealing with serious illness or extreme sensitivities.


    Just bring those supplements you mention, plus a multivitamin, and lightweight gear like blue light-blocking glasses. Do the basic BP stuff, don't buy drugs in Amsterdam, and you'll be fine. You have a lot of decent food options in Europe, so that won't be a problem.

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    I believe it depends on where you are going as well. Germany also know as the country of bread... most people here have no idea of what bulletproof is.


    But you can do to any farmers market and buy stuff get grassfed or wild animals as well (just expensive) and if you got your relocation behind you you can look up some online delivery service....

    May you be well, may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be loved.

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