What To Eat At Bedtime, Before Taking Meds Or Supplements To Be Taken "with Food"?

Hello, everyone...  I'm new to this diet, and just found this website today.  I'm 61 years old, and STILL trying to lose the last 10 pounds of baby fat from my now 31 year old son.  Seriously.  I've been trying to lose 10 pounds for 30 years.  And now I've lost an inch (in height), so I need to lose even more to get down to and below 25 BMI. 


I've tried every diet out there, and this one seems to bring together a lot of ideas from other low carb diets, but definitely has a different twist.  It's been a week now, and I haven't lost any weight.  I weigh daily and have fluctuated within a pound and a half range, but at the end of the week, was actually up slightly.  Honestly, I haven't been super adherent, and today I've done much better.  (A glass of wine here and there, my share of an order of hand-cut potato chips with bleu cheese, a Kind bar one day...)  My biggest problem is resisting food after 8 p.m.  I get so hungry/bored/tired-but-not-sleepy, and food calls me.  And I might as well face it - I'm addicted to nuts.  Almonds, especially.  Not the worst cheat, but not BP.  I am peeing purple, though, so I know I'm burning fat.  Just slow going.  I am not eating - except for a cup of buttered coffee in the a.m. - until 2 p.m. or later, but after that it's kind of non stop, probably because I'm so ravenous at 2 - or sometimes 3 - it's just hard to get satisfied. 


Today, for the FIRST time, I actually didn't eat every bite of food on my plate at dinner, and I didn't nibble leftovers while I cleaned up.  I actually put 4 stalks of grilled asparagus in the fridge instead of eating them in the kitchen!  Not that that would have been horrible, but I just didn't WANT to!  THAT's a breakthrough for me.  I'm hopeful this diet will be successful and that I'll be 13 pounds thinner when I go to Seattle for the birth of my 3rd grandchild.  I leave in 13 weeks, so that's a pound a week.  9/13 - 12/13 = 13 weeks.  Auspicious numerologically!  Also, it's finally getting cool enough here in St. Augustine that I can get out and take long walks, ride my bike, etc.  And I bought a kettle bell, and am about to look for a tutorial on youtube.  Ideas anyone?  I also do Tai Chi regularly. 


I do have one question that I haven't found an answer to elsewhere.  I take a sleep med every night, and it must be taken with food.  Obviously I have to break my fast, and I don't know what's the most bulletproof little snack to have, and just how much do I need?  I have taken it on an empty stomach, and the "indigestion" it caused kept me awake!  Big mistake...  I guess for now I'll stick with a small handful of almonds, although I know that's not the best idea, but what is? 


Thanks to anyone who can help me out with that...


Lily G

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