Nutrition During Races

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I am a 51 year old runner who competes year round in races including trail races up to 100K in length, road races up to marathon distance, and snowshoe racing. I have mostly relied on Green Magma and a homemade sports drink based on coconut water. This has worked well but wondered what others used for race fuel, especially for marathons and ultras. Gu and other highly processed solutions are not an option.

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    Thanks Bulletproof intern. I really only worry about nutrition on my races longer than 50K and especially when I get into the 50 miler and longer races. I have used red potatoes in the past but will give sweet potatoes a try.

  • Sweet potatoes are great! They have so much nutrition per bite. If you're running 50 miles at a time, you need to make sure you get the vitamins as well as the energy so that your body has the ability to heal and recover after your run. Otherwise, you may end up with an injury and have to pay for heath care insurance. Eek!
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