Mold In The Bathroom

i have found some mold in the basement bathroom what is the best and safest way to kill it? and prevent it from coming back? 






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    I use a product for keeping my bathroom shower clean called "Wet & Forget". It is available at many hardware stores. All you do is spray is on and let it dry. No scrubbing, etc. Weekly treatments are supposed to keep the shower clean. There is another "Wet and Forget" product that addresses mold on ceilings and walls that works the same way with regular application perhaps once a week or so. This seems to be helping in my case.
    However, the best way is to probably look into removing the current material (paint, drywall, etc.) depending on the extent of the problem and replacing with new. I know there are mold prevention additives available for paint for when you are ready to do the finishing work and there are mold resistant caulks, etc. You might also try a home improvement blog or website. I have not yet seen Asprey's documentary on mold (Moldy) but maybe he has some tips in there.

  • ok thanks sorry took so long to reply. i used bleach and mold killer mix not bc i wanted to but bc wasn't no sure of anything else will have to get the wet and forget bc bleach kinda had me feel funny but remolding is in the future but just finishing up other parts of the house thanks for the help and tips

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