Liquid Constipation In 6 Week Old?

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My 6 week old daughter has been having trouble pooping for several weeks.  She had been going every few days (2-3), but now she's pushing 4-5 days.  She went last Weds, and then if it weren't for our help last Sunday, she likely wouldn't have gone.  The wife and I used this product called Windi last Sunday and again yesterday.  You stick this little pipe/funnel up the baby's butt to release gas.  Well we got some gas, but we filled 2 very messy diapers in about 5-10 mins with what looks like hot chocolate.  I was thinking, no way she's constipated if its all watery, but the Pediatrician says they can still be constipated even if its like this.  They suggested Karo syrup (wtf? corn syrup?), or a small amount of prune juice in the bottle with breast milk.  If that fails, then use a suppository. 


My question is, has anyone else experienced this?  If so what did you do?  Is it really constipation? 


  • Our daughter had more liquid stools when she was first born. I'm thinking it's more diet based. She on breastmilk, formula or both? We switched to soy based formula after my wife couldn't produce enough breastmilk, and that produced less liquid stools, than a non-soy based formula.

    Unsure how constipation comes into play, typically solid foods at older age cause constipation. Would ask the pediatrician if it could be the formula if she's drinking that.
  • She's exclusively breast fed, either direct from the boob or a bottle of pumped breast milk.  We went to the Pediatrician this past week for her 2 month visit and he said he's not worried about it as long as it's soft or liquid.  If it gets firm, then that could be a problem.  He said it's not uncommon for breast fed babies to go a week or more sometimes. 


    Being that my wife is mostly BP (she does eat gluten free oats since it's supposed to help with milk production and she's not keto) and I provide her with a stack of daily vitamins and supplements, we figure her breast milk is really nutrient dense.  All her friends have commented on just how fatty her stored milk is that we must be doing something right.  Since it's so dense and easily absorbed, she's probably taking up just about all of it.  She's growing like a weed and has almost doubled her birth weight by 2 months, and she's not "fat"  She went from the 17th percentile at 2 weeks to the 77th by 2 months.


    In prep for the 2 months visit, the one where vax are started, I started loading my daughter up on vit. C in advance.  (The wife and I couldn't agree about the vax thing-I wanted to delay them a bit.  We compromised and only got the DTap to start.)  Whether or not the Vit C got to saturation, I don't know, but she did start to have more frequent bowel movements.  She's not in distress over it so I don't think we over did it. 


    Yep, this has kind of transversed multiple threads here with my response.  I think I'm comfortable with how she's responding and given the Pediatrician's sentiment, our concern over the BM frequency is pretty much taken care of for now.  Thanks for your reply.

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