My Labs Are In After Over A Year On This Life Style

Hello all:


My labs are in after over a year on this life style.  Here they are:


Glucose 106   - before when I was 31 pounds overweight this was creeping up in the 119 range

LDL-P  1421  - this ideally should be less than 1000 the doctor said to cut back the saturated fat :)

LDL-C  116    - this should be 0-99 same advice from the doctor

HDL-C  49

Triglycerides 108 - last year this was around 160-170

Cholesterol 187 - last year this was 216

HDL-P 28.6

Small LDL-P 491

LDL Size 20.9

LP-IR Score 55

Fibrinogen Antigen 277


I had a few other tests run as you can see from the above results that I discovered in Dr. Hyman's book "Eat Fat to be Thin".  I do not eat any sugar or sweets, bread etc.  I would like to reduce the glucose, LDL-P, LDL-C and raise the HDL-C.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can achieve this?  I eat around 140-160 grams of fat a day which includes an avocado and a bulletproof coffee and around 80 grams of protein.  I recently added olives to the mix. Carbs are around 40 and sugars 11g.


The doctor did say that my numbers are near optimal.  Any thoughts, suggestions, recommendations would be welcome.




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