Early Morning Workout Addict... Newbie Questions!


I am a newbie to Bulletproof...im in the middle of the book and cant finish it fast enough. I have had a couple bulletproof coffees and they are amazing!

so heres my question... I get up and exercise 6 days a week... Typically I take a pre workout supplement drink , then workout, then on with my day.... so should i have my coffee after myworkout and not have food? Im afraid I might pass out as a work up a good sweat? and after shower etc...im ready for food....

so I would love suggestions on how to incorporate this properly with my early morning workout schedule

thanks so much



  • Variety of Home workouts... currently doing insanity..
  • A variety of home workout programs... currently doing Insanity
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    thanks so much Jason! Im not through the book and will have to research part of what you said ha.. .but the protein/carb after workout makes sense and when to have the coffee;)

  • hey guys newbie to this forum. have been trying this new workout for the last six months gotten really good results from it. if you play any kind of sport that involves explosive movements such as jumping or sprinting then this might be what you are looking for. Its vertical jump training and its called vert shock. Heres the link for it goo.gl/S2VSYO. This is a just a promo video for it so you can make up your mind on what you think of it. 

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