Stomach Problems With Bpc & Supplements (Not Disaster Pants)

I’ve been drinking bulletproof coffee every morning for 15 months, and lately it has given me some negative side effects. If I only have bulletproof coffee for breakfast (I often have an egg with sautéed greens as well) sometimes by noon I will begin to get indigestion that makes me feel nauseous; it feels like my stomach has created a lot of gas, but that the oil is blocking my ability to burp. I found that drinking carbonated mineral water generally resolves this as it forces me to burp. (For additional context, brain octane oil or even more generic MCTs that include C12 have never caused disaster pants for me).


I started taking supplements recently and have noticed that this nausea/indigestion has become much more common and sets in much earlier (within 30-60 minutes of drinking BP coffee and taking supplements). This morning I got to the mineral water too late and actually puked. That was a first.


I’m wondering if one or more of the supplements I’m taking is reacting with the coffee or oil and creating this problem. Here is my morning stack:


Jarrow Krill Oil

Doctor’s Best High Absorption Magnesium

Now Foods Potassium Citrate

Jarrow Zinc (and Copper) Balance

Jarrow Selenium Synergy

Now Foods Vitamin A

Jarrow Vitamin D3



As I said above, I sometimes get these symptoms regardless, but they are much stronger and come on much more quickly since I began taking supplements.


Is anyone else experiencing this type of nausea?


Do I need to eat more food when I take these supplements? I thought that just taking supplements with BPC would make it less likely that they would get digested/denaturized… this isn’t working. What type of food is best for supplement absorption? 


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    I used to have nausea when I was taking supplements without solid food, especially vit B. And from tea on an empty stomach. Maybe try skipping one of the supps and see if it gets better, so you can pinpoint which one was it.

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