Alcohol And Nootropics

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Anything I should know about mixing alcohol with Nootropics?

First time experimenting with nootropics so I'm a little hesitant as I have a job in the hospitality industry which requires me to drink occasionally during work hours. Also, I often drink 2-4 glasses of red wine nightly to help me fall asleep after a stressful day, which happens quite often (I know this isn't optimal).  To combat my alcohol use, I usually take a ton of vitamin C through the evening hours and right before bed, in addition to NAC (600mg) 4-5 times a week or ALA. 


I should note that most of my drinking occurs late at night, usually 10-12 hours after taking my morning nootropic stack but sometimes it will be 3-5 hrs after taking Aniracetam (just started couple days ago) since I take this with some sort of meal for absorption purposes.


Current Nootropics stack:



800 mg Piracetam

500-1,000 mg Acetyl L-Carnitine (sometimes GPLC)

5 gm creatine

300 mg Alpha GPC



750mg Aniracetam



  • With your current stack there shouldn't be any health issues due to the interaction between alcohol and nootropics. However, it is possible that Aniracetam could cause some unintended potentiation on the alcohol. It can also give you terrible hangovers, apparently. I suggest drinking only a small amount until you get acclimated to Aniracetam, and get a better idea of how the combination effects you.
    Let me know how Aniracetam works for you, I've read some reports like this one that praise Aniracetam like crazy, so I'm wondering if it's actually that useful.
    Finally, as I'm sure you're aware, alcohol can be very harmful for your brain. Have you tried alternative methods of relaxing at night? That much drinking can take a heavy toll on your brain health over the long run.

  • Aylam - thanks for the reply. Aniracetam mostly has had a subtle effect for me. Can't exactly describe it but I feel slightly more focused though in a calm way. I sort of feel like my brain is floating. Not like a pot high. It doesn't really help with motivation though and I do think it potentiates alcohol's effect but only if you take it within 2-4 hours of drinking. Knock on wood, haven't had any bad hangovers with it but again, I've rarely taken it close to the time I've consume alcohol.

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