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Hey everyone. My daughter (in potty training mode) gets super red, sometimes broken skin in between her butt cheeks either from pee or poop. Excuse my lack of technical terms. We use sensitive baby wipes, as assuming alcohol in the regular wipes has dried her skin out in the past. She requests toilet paper now, because even the sensitive wipes hurt.

My question is this. Is red irritation, broken skin just the result of an acidic environment? It's not diaper rash. Trying to figure out if it's food related. She didn't drink too much orange juice, or anything like that. Our pediatrician just recommended desitin, aquaphor. That typically does clear it up overnight completely. Any idea what those products do? The red irritation is hampering the potty training process, so trying to make dietary or more long lasting changes if at all possible.

Thanks all,

Daddy Paul


  • Was she having irritation before starting potty training?

  • Hey Jeremy,

    Yeah, if she wasn't changed fast enough, maybe after 30-45 minutes or so, she'd get red/irritated from the urine or stool sitting there "too long". We and daycare change her as fast as possible. And, like I said it goes away with desitin and/or aquaphor overnight.

    But I'm looking for the mechanism behind it getting so irritated/red/broken skin. If those OTC medications are turning the area into a less acidic environment, eliminating moisture, or if it's something she's eating to make her urine or stool less irritating if that makes sense.
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