Can't Make Cold Brew Bullet Proof Coffee


I like cold brew coffee. I am also extremely rushed in most mornings and dont' have time to brew coffee so I want an option which will be nearly ready when I wake up.  


I saw the bullet proof cold brew page here


And I bought all the 'official' bullet proof stuff (the coffee, the 'brain octane oil', the ghee).


Made some cold brew coffee overnight.  Added the ghee and the 'brain octane oil' and coffee into a large metal cup and used an immersion blender...

...and it wont blend.  Its like a lot of clumpy ghee.  Tried blending it for like 3+ solid minutes, tried using different attachments, it just wont work.  Tried drinking it anyways and its kind of gross.

Is err 'cold brew bullet proof coffee' a lie?  Does it actually have to be done hot?   




What are the options for doing this?  Alternatively, anyone have a suggestion of a way to automate coffee making to minimize time in the morning (and, frankly time cleaning a coffee maker).  



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    I checked that recipe and it calls for the BP ice cream, not oil and ghee or butter. Maybe it works better with the ice cream.

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  • Years ago, I used to make the cold brew coffee..... it's called "Toddy Coffee" and there's a company that makes a kit that's easy to use (Just google "toddy coffee" and you'll find it. I have to admit I didn't watch the videos on the page you posted). After leaving the ground coffee beans overnight (I decided 11 hours and 5 minutes was the optimal time to soak a pound of coffee), you get an extract that you can either freeze (great for traveling!) or leave in the fridge for like 3 weeks. 3 Tablespoons of extract in a "normal" sized coffee mug with boiling water makes a great and very smooth cup of coffee (most people who drank my coffee couldn't believe how good it was). And once you've got your "normal" cup of coffee, no reason you can't make it bulletproof by adding your oil and butter.

    Sorry if some of that was redundant.......

  • I've used concentrated cold brew as well.

    measure the ratio of water to concentrate you want to use. boil the water then blend it with the butter, oil, and sweetner if you choose to like stevia or something. then combine it in a container of your choice, add ice, stir/shake and you're done.

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    Exactly what grassfedbutter said.

    All you need to do is make the cold brew really strong, then in the morning when you want to brew it boil some hot water, wait for it to cool a bit, add the extra stuff, blend it, and add your cold brew concentrate. Experiment with the amount of extra water you want to use till the ratio is where you like it.

    I started doing cold brew when I was recovering from SIBO and I've never looked back exceptwhenIforgettoprepareitaheadoftime!

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  • I like to keep my cold brew cold all the way through: for absolutely no heating, start with the cold brew but make the Get Some Ice Cream Recipe. I make mine with less coconut oil and more cocoa: for those of us who don't like the taste of coconut in our coffee, replace it with either cacao butter, XCT or more butter/ghee and/ or egg yolk. Whatever you prefer experimenting has done no harm to this concoction. The coconut oil isn't strong, but any hint of that flavor in my coffee is disgusting to me. The trick for coffee is mixing the ingredients: you don't have to use the ice cream blending part, unless you want some for later in the day. It really just needs to be of a pudding or custard consistency and then it will blend fine cold. Freeze the majority, then leave out some in custard form for the next few days. It mixes great, like a frappacino. Best ice mocha "latte" ever!

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    You could do what you are trying to by following these steps:

    1. Coldbrew your coffee at room temperature
    2. melt butter
    3. blend melted butter, mct oil, and coffee
    4. put mixture in refrigerator


    1. Coldbrew your coffee in refrigerator
    2. heat up coffee on oven
    3. blend butter, heated coffee, and mct oil
    4. put mixture in refrigerator
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