I'm 24 And I Have Low T. I've Tried Everything. Can You Help Me?



  • @Remedylink Sleep has definitely been a primary issue for me for many years, and I don't doubt it affects Testosterone, though I believe low T leads to high sleep, not the contrary, in this instance. Prolactin has been in the reference range on every blood test since June 2016. I do feel my cortisol is a bit high, but eh.

    I have gone through the book The Multi-Orgasmic Man many times, and while I understand it, I have not been able to achieve what it proposes. So yeah, no million dollar point for me! I am dead set on semen retention for the rest of my life, but the Taoist methods are a bit too woo-woo for me. Maybe I just lack the practice and willpower to achieve what's proposed. It's not of the utmost importance for me right now. Thank you though, I appreciate being recognized on this subject!

  • Preliminary results of my June 12th blood tests, T is now at 573, or less than a 5% increase since March. I don't get to meet the Andrologist til August 21st. The secretary merely indicated that my Andrologist sees my levels improving and advises I keep taking the same 80mg a week dose in the mean time.

    I've been on TRT for 5 months. Besides the first 2 weeks, and besides the day of each injection, I feel like crap. I'm starting to despair a bit here. When I got on TRT, this was meant to be the thing you wouldn't expect a 25yo to do, but which would definitely solve my issues. It hasn't, and I'm starting to think it won't, no matter what. Am I screwed?

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    Good news I think. The number that had been reported to me last time was my Free T. Total T has gone up a lot, SHBG is stable, Estradiol has gone up a bit. I have been feeling a bit better especially in the last week. Physically not much different, but energy wise, I can tell that there is an improvement. I'm a little worried about Estradiol and will read up more on it. My Andrologist does not care at all about Estradiol. She doesn't address that in any way.

    Unfortunately my next test is not until Dec so I won't know the numbers til then, but I will keep taking 80mg weekly and hope I keep improving. I'll maybe pay for a test in between so I can track it better. I'm hoping this is finally ramping up and that I'll feel better and better.

  • Little update.

    Not much improvement anywhere I can note. I've kind of just been on auto-pilot and tried not to think about TRT too much. Haven't gone to the gym in a while, but that's probably more depression speaking than TRT. I feel I now have to get back to learning seeing as it's been months and I still don't feel right.

    I've begun losing hair towards the end of July. I have barely lost a single hair ever since finishing my Accutane (a 5-ARI) treatment nearly 6 years ago. I have short hair on the sides and medium hair on top... and I've been losing easily 50+ medium hair every day now. No specific place, just all over. I've checked my DNA results, and I luckily happen to be part of the few who have absolutely 0 genetic predisposition for balding.

    I tried stopping my daily 200mcg Selenium supplementation 10 days ago, as I believe this can be the cause of Alopecia. It might be too early to tell, but it's not stopping as of yet, so I'm skeptical whether this is the cause.

    Could this be TRT, in spite of there being no genetic predisposition? I fully understand that hair loss is a possible side effect of TRT, however the suddenness of the situation, especially as a 25yo, worries me a lot.

    I've been working on meeting with a local Endocrinologist, but I can't say I expect much in terms of advice and info. Hopefully I can finally get my DHT levels tested so I at least have an idea of what might be happening hormone-wise. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is my Estradiol not abnormally high?

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    Nov 9th results:

    Total T is down from June. I hate having to face that. Estradiol is a-ok I guess. At least it's lower than on other occasions. SHBG is at its lowest yet, awesome! I think maybe what I need is just a slight Enanthate dose increase, but this will possibly have to wait until I can meet a competent professional.

    TSH is high. Not sure why. I trialed crazy amounts of Iodine but that was back in late 2016 and early 2017, and my TSH was well in range in march 2017 (about 2.5, not exact number). I'll have it rechecked and try to assess the situation. Calcium D-Glucarate seems to help control my Estradiol, so I'll keep taking it. My Estradiol seems to double when I don't take it, as in June.

    Hair loss has mostly stopped, though I still haven't had my DHT tested as the Canadian public system doesn't even know it can be tested. I met with a new Endocrinologist in early Nov and nothing good came out of it. He considered my initial hormone levels to be completely normal and actually suggested stopping my treatment. I really gotta go with a private doc but even that is hard to find here.

    Current supplements are as follows. I've tried Zinc for the first time about 2 weeks ago, first 50mg, currently 15mg, and things have been weird. I'm looking more into it at the moment.

    That's pretty much it for now. Overall I'd say my health has improved since beginning TRT. I'm just not 100% yet.

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    How long have you been taking the 6mg+ Iodine for?

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  • @daz On and off since I lowered the dose early this year. I assume the high TSH is just due to that. I'll maybe stop for now and retest. I'm not worried.

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    Yep @Kynarr
    My TSH also went slowly upwards on milligram doses of iodine & 200mcg selenium per day.
    I had to stop both before I saw my TSH come back down.
    I also tested high for plasma selenium, whilst I was supplementing* with 200mcg Se p/d. Which was no big surprise I guess, but perhaps an indication that i did not need it.

    (* I did stop the Se supp a few days before the blood draw)

    fake it till you make it

  • @daz Good to know this does happen to other people. I too believe my elevated TSH is merely the result of Iodine supplementation. I currently only infrequently supplement Selenium due to the hair loss scare I've had this summer. Still no idea if it was Selenium though. Anyways, i'm really not worrying about that for now.

    My worry has been and still is my Testosterone level, and issues with aromatase.

  • @HegReg33 said:
    I have some advice that might frustrate you. Forget about the literature. Stop stressing over your testosterone levels. Though you may learn a lot, your obsessive research is probably just skyrocketing your cortisol levels. In my experience, people don't give NEARLY enough credit to lifestyle when it comes to sex and stress hormones. And I'm not talking about the whole "I do yoga and eat this and that and go for walks everyday". It's not what you do, it's HOW you do it. Let go, and ride the wave of life. I understand you're miserable, and I'm telling the the equivalent of "just smile your depression away!". Been there. But I'm right. Stress will destroy every dietary or supplementary attempt you make out of the water. I hate judging people over a mere internet post, but the negative tone of your last paragraph speaks volumes about your current emotional state. You seem ready to give up. I understand, trust me.

    So, I told you "just relax"... Ready for some useful advice now? Take diaphragmatic breathing very, very seriously. A lot of people think they have it, but they don't. I thought I fixed my bad breathing years ago, but I was way off. Not only should your belly naturally expand, but you should be pushing your sides and back out, and your pelvic floor downwards. Don't actually PUSH. That's bad visualization. Just let go and breath. Natural, minimal force involved. You know you get it right when it feels immensely pleasurable just to breath, and you almost want to cry at the beauty of it all. Seriously. And fix your posture. I couldn't nail my breathing until I fixed my tight psoas and anterior pelvic tilt. That condition alone caused me a childhood's worth of chronic stress. It adds up. Look up testicular breathing. Fill your balls and legs with sweet oxygen. That visualization helped me a lot.

    Detox detox detox, and avoid toxicity! This goes way beyond testosterone, you will not be your full self with garbage coursing through your veins. Facilitate the natural processes. Feces (especially bile, main route for fat-soluble toxins and ESTROGEN), urine, sweat, skin oil. They gross you out for a reason, they contain all of the stuff your body doesn't want. Do those things. Low stress and low inflammation greatly facilitates detox, in tangible ways. Take care of your gut, and have solid bowel movements as frequently as possible.

    Your vitamin D levels are actually concerningly high. Stop supplementing so much, or all together, and balance with real vtamin A and especially K2. If I recall correctly, K2 activates the proteins vitamin D creates by adding calcium to the protein. Don't rely on your diet, no matter how perfect, on supplying your K2. I recommend more than 100% DV of MK-7, not sure about MK-4. The debate on MK-4 vs MK-7 is still out. MK-4 is the only one proven in almost all the literature, but MK-7 has been proven to work as an osteocalcin carboxylator (strongly indicating that it works just the same as MK-4). I take MK-7 because it's a lot cheaper. But it would be wise to cover your bases and supplement with both. Instead of supplementing vitamin D, get some sun. The sun makes vitamin D SULFATE instead of regular supplemental vitamin D. The main difference being that the sulfated vitamin D is water-soluble, being able to diffuse freely through the blood. On the flip side, the fat-soluble regular vitamin D requires LDL to carry it, limiting its transport and putting you at greater risk of atherosclerosis (oxidized LDL).

    Restore your mitochondria. This means ketosis and chronic cold exposure, to induce "cleanup" of defective mitochondria, and proliferation of healthy ones. Since you already take cold showers, I'm not worried about your body not being able to handle short-term cold. But you need more than a short cold shower. Try a more chronic approach. Wear less clothes, splash your face with cold water frequently, no thermostat, and take advantage of a cold winter. I tried a mitochondrial reboot (deep ketosis and chronic cold, nothing but cotton shorts in 45-55 degrees for 4 days to give you an idea), and WOW did it make a difference in my feelings of virility! This isn't for everyone, not everybody can handle the stress of a metabolic winter. But I strongly everybody should at least work towards it, until they can handle it. The benefits are too great to ignore. But please be careful, and listen to your body. Getting frostbite is something you should absolutely avoid. And the stress from ketosis can easily set you back as well, temporarily. It will get better with slow and easy practice.

    The cold  could help in a different way, by causing fat cell apoptosis. This is only speculative on my end, but this could potentially reduce aromatase greatly. By killing the fat cells, as opposed to simply shrinking them via caloric restriction.

    Iodine (Lugol's iodine, or just potassium iodide, the debate still rages on) on testicles. Works for a lot of folks, and works damn well. I've experienced a small effect, but I have a lot of experience loading up on iodine and detoxing bromines with iodine, so my potential was more or less realized. Yet, I STILL got benefits. Be careful with this one. In mine and others' experience, it's pretty safe, a slight burning at worst. But still. I'm not a doctor, and this at least seems pretty extreme.

    Try Butea Superba. The research is scant. There is but one case study of it's efficacy, but it's very intriguing. It was a single, 35 year old Thai male complaining of an annoyingly high sex drive. He had no idea what was going on. His DHT was 1512 pg/ml (normal range 250-990 pg/ml)!!! If you know anything about DHT, it makes testosterone look like a girly hormone. DHT is ~3-10x more potent of an androgen than testosterone. The doctor reviewed his supplemental history, and took note of the Butea Superba (unknown dosage, probably high amounts of the fresh root. He advised the man to stop taking it, and voila. Within a week, his DHT levels returned to within the normal range, and his symptoms subsided. It's worth noting how temporary the effect is. But it's nice to remember what it's like feeling like a man. Gives you a tangible goal to work towards. Be wary of the other ingredients in the butea supplements you buy. The one I bought turned out to have brown rice flour, wouldn't recommend.

    Good luck man! Have patients. It took me a ton of money, and many years to get to a point where every waking minute wasn't absolutely agonizing. You can do it, too. And for a lot cheaper with advice from the amazing and wise members of the BP forum!

    I'd like to add that hormonal testing, while fairly accurate, isn't the end-all be-all of measurement. It tells you only of serum hormone levels. Nothing of sensitivity at the androgen receptor, how many androgen receptors there are and where, and whether or not the serum hormones even made it into the tissues. Modern endocrinology is not a mature science.

    By the way, 500 ng isn't THAT low. It's low by caveman standards, but it's about average by modern standards. I understand you want to be the caveman. Don't we all.

    PM me about the methylation issues, I have a lot of experience with that. I think it's a huge contributor to your issues. So much to write about this subject.

    Tons of good stuff in this post. Thanks.

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