Bineural/isochronic Sleep Tones?

I have the sleepphones and a lot of bineural tracks.

But all of them are so short.

Is there a good spotify playlist or any other good resources for a full nights sleep?


  • I've created my own playlist that runs for 90mins, is there a benefit of having the sound running through your entire sleep?


    I'm using Holosync and using Drive, Immersion tracks.


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  • Nice Katolotus, 

    I have a lot of the Holosync also. I have not find any science to back up that listening for a full night is beneficial.

    But i wanted to experiment with it and measure my sleep.

    There is a track called "jet lag program" on Spotify by Binaural Beat Brainwave that i use flying back and forth to usa.

    I feel it helps me. 

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