Burping A Nasty Taste After Bpc

About 20 minutes after I have my BPC, I burp a very nasty taste for about a half hour. I have systematically eliminated and then reintroduced each ingredient and the culprit is the Brain Octane Oil! I even tried drinking BP hot chocolate instead of coffee, but, as long at the Brain Octane Oil is in there, the nasty (dare I say "moldy" tasting) burps happen.


Any thoughts on this?



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    Sounds like the c8 oil is triggering reflux in you, Idk why tho ( Liver issues ? ).

    & perhaps the bad taste is bile (bile reflux)...

    If it is bile, the bile should not be there because of the c8, as bile is not required for c8 digestion. But it would be there for Butter (I think).

    Do you have the same issue if you just do a shot of brain octane & nothing else ?

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