Hypothyrod symtoms?


I'm listening to the episode with Ellen Russ "Solving the hypothyroid epidemic" and checking off all the mental symtoms of hypothyroidism:
*being tired
*forgetting things, not even remembering what somebody just told me despite focusing
*having difficulties putting sentences together or struggling to find words
*I really feel like the mental power is plugged out of my head. Feeling stupid and slow.

The thing is, non of the physical symtoms fit to me. I'm skinny, no fat whatsoever. I eat a lot and never gain weight, my bowl movement is more regular then normal, I do freeze more often then I feel warm, but that might be more due to location then body function.

So my question is if it's possible to have a low functioning thyroid without having any of the physical symptoms? And what else could be the cause to my symptoms loss of

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