Solving the Hypothyroid Epidemic with Elle Russ Podcast

Did anybody listen to this podcast? I loved it and I am so glad I listened. I started Nature Thyroid about 6 weeks ago. Since I started it my brain fog and mental issue immediately cleared up. I am so grateful for that as I was really depressed and foggy. However, I have gained 6 lbs and my hair is falling out. I called my Dr. and she told me to stop for 3 days and then slowly add it back in. I am wondering if I should try a different brand. Maybe I only need the T3. What do you think?


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    Did you get your TSH, FT3, FT4 (or T3, T4) tested before you started the Nature Thyroid ?
    what were the numbers (and units).

    & did you get any tests done whilst on it.

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