Spectiality coffee & bulletproof

Hey all,

I'm currently working on the east coast of Australia in a Specialty coffee store. My boss (who is our in house roaster) wants a few new menu items for summer so I suggested a few along with bulletproof coffee. He has agreed after I made him one, and a few of our regular customers have come in asking for a "bullet" coffee. tehe

I have a few questions regarding serving BP coffee, these are mostly directed at the bp team, however also towards other members of the bp community.

  1. As awesome as brain octane is, its price restrictive to serve. Believe me, I really really want to serve it yet at $57 for 32fl oz its difficult to convince my boss the product is worth it to serve over xct or other cheaper brands of mct. I've looked into buying Neobee 895 which is caprylic acid. Has anyone else used this product? Or any of the other neobee products like M-5, 50% MCT powder or 70% MCT powder?

  2. Since we roast on-site, is there a way to test our beans for OTA without sending the beans off site? I'd like to serve bulletproof however once again price is a restriction. Also, bulletproof coffee has no roast date, no source of origin, no masl, no roast profile information so dialing in and knowing what variables to change when it comes to brewing is really difficult. From the last episode of BP radio, dave said that bp coffee comes from Colombia and Guatemala. Is serving SCAA rated 80+ high enough quality to ensure minimal if any OTA? The cafe\roastery will unlikely not stop roasting our own green.


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