4 year old with parasites!

Hey Bulletproof community,
we just found out our son has 3 parasites.

blastocystis hominis
endolemax nana
dientamoeba fragiligs

anyone have any experience treating these? some say they are very difficult to get rid of and cannot be treated with herbs etc, and some say they are no problem to us at all.... my view is that most/all parasites have negative side effects AND that these probably should be treated very carefully!

We are going to on a GAPS/ PALEO type diet already and he just went on herbs ----- BUT really we are wanting to hear anyone with experience or knowledge on these specific ones.

ALSO looking for anyone with a positive experience with a GI dr. in the LOS ANGELES AREA. Right now we are working with an excellent accupuncturist/herbalist, but I think we may need to use prescriptions for these.

thank you in advance!!!



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  • Hi- I hope my comments aren't too late!

    My 4 year old daughter had dientamoeba fragilis, which caused her to have horrible gut cramps and fevers that would wax and wane. Of course, she was always "normal" looking when I took her to the doctor. So, I got smart and handed them a stool sample at the second appointment.

    The doctor's only option was medication, but I read as much as I could online about other parents' experiences. Most kids don't like the bitter taste of the medicine, and I anticipated having nightly fights over it. Some medications were not that effective, either. So, I went looking for a tolerable Plan B.

    I'm a microbiologist by training, so I've always followed the probiotic and prebiotic science. I found a pre-biotic that doesn't cause gas, and is marketed for traveler's diarrhea in Europe. I originally had to buy it from the UK, but now it's available on Amazon. It's called Bimuno:


    I gave my daughter half a packet in some juice, morning and night. Her cramps and fever symptoms went away within 24 hours. I continued to give her 1 packet per day for 2 weeks, and the symptoms never returned. I didn't do a follow-up stool test, but it's been 2.5 years since she had that episode.

    I keep the Bimuno handy, even though I haven't had to use it since.


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