Social Anxiety, Benzodiazepines, CBT and supplements

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After years of trying to reduce stress and anxiety in social situations, mostly while at work, I decided to go on low dose clonazapem 0.5 mg once in the am and it works very well. The only regimen that came close to helping but just wouldn't cut it was aniracetam, l theanine, minimize caffeine, and lithium orotate. All while thinking positive trying to keep calm and doing a lot of gratitude journaling. Meditation is on the top of my list I just can't get into a routine. Will eventually grab an HRV tool. I plan to use the clonazapem short term while going through cognitive behavioral therapy for a few months. A few concerns and questions:

  1. What supplements should I absolutely be taking while on benzos to mitigate any negative impact on my brain, nervous system, biology, etc.

  2. What supplements to avoid?

  3. Will 3-6 months of that dose once a day with weekends off have any permanent effect on my cognition or neurochemistry?

Thanks guys!

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