How to hack burnout symptoms like stress, anxiety etc?

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I am recovering from a burnout about eight months ago. I also got diagnosed with GAD (General anxiety disorder) and more specifically Health anxiety.

My symptoms are fatigue, brain fog, Multi tasking is heavily impaired, very sensitive to stress, high-level cognitive tasks makes me tired real quick (i'm Normally A bright guy at least according to IQ tests:) low to medium level anxiety (SSRI have seemingly help me with the more severe Anxiety). To much work out worsens my symptoms.
Loose stools and stomach discomfort.

I'm turning to you guys to ask where I should spend my limited time, energy and money.

My current regimen is:
Diet: based around the bulletproof diet idea, I do eat quite a lot of carbs especially in the evenings because I do feel that quite some carbs help me with stress and anxiety a bit. Maybe every other day I eat something from the Red zone, it's a way to release some anxiety and distract myself, albeit not a good one, i'm very lean by genetics so weight gain not a problem.
I am gluten-free, and regarding milk products ate mostly butter and cheese.
I could go into much more detail but let's leave it at that for now.
Supplements: high-quality version so of, omega-3, vitamin D, vitamin C, magnesium, probiotics talked. I am planning to add the top 10 supplements from Dave's list.
Herbs: Ashwaganda
Ssri: sertralin 50 mg
Meditation. 2x30min
Work out: every other day, jogging or bodyweight exercise. As much as I can handle without getting worse.
Forest walks about an hour a day.
CBTI've been to a psychologist and well most likely proceed with cbt during the winter.

What labtests should I take?
Could my diet be tweaked to the specific problem?
What supplements should I add?
I'm planning to order some tech to help me with the stress, inner balance, and/or hrv to go with the stress detective app. I'm also thinking about neurofeedback the muse or a emotive. Or maybe even professional neurofeedback sessions although thats super pricy to me. Any thoughts on where to spend my money?
Other ideas?


  • Hello Andreass, i already had burnout syndrome about 2 times and it is really awful. But dont worry, there is always a solution. In my case, i got better with Arcalion, wich is sulbutiamine. I had tried antidepressants before, with no solution, but sulbutiamine is what worked awesome for me. I took 200mg of that in the morning after breakfast and another 200mg after lunch for about 20 days. This is all that it take to cure my burnout, that i was feeling for 6 months. If you can, try it. God bless you

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