Insatiable Butter Cravings

Is it indicating something if/when I begin eating ghee and simply cannot get enough? Is it wise to continue to eat as much as desired or should there be a limit? Does this indicate leptin issues or something else? Thanks so much!


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    ketosis and stuff allows you to eat as much as you want. usually that crave changes with time.

    May you be well, may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be loved.

    How much to eat:
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  • how do you feel about it?
    does it feel like you really needso much fat? or rather does it feel like you are binging?
    i would not go with any strict rules, too much of anything can be bad for you
    how do you feel after eating a lot of ghee? slugish or energetic?

  • I feel mostly like it calms me down. I'm always bloated whatever I eat or drink. I'm under immense stress and have been really struggling since coming off of hormone therapy, and many of my supplements including methylated B12 and folate. I've gained a lot of weight since those changes, and cant tell if my body is just adjusting or what the difference is between food stress on my body and and what is life life stress.

  • I got these soooo bad when I first started. I figured out it was because I was incredibly lacking in healthy fat and my body basically was like.. "what the hell is that and where has it been all my life, i want it all". Your body is just craving what it needs to be healthy and build itself. Now to be honest, I still crave butter.. my football teammates think its weird when I hunk down on a stick of butter at halftime.. but it gets some good dialogue going!

  • So here i was about to make my first ever bulletproof post / introduction with what i thought was a deep dark confession and i see this thread at the top of the list.

    I am having EXACTLY the same thing. It's been about a month now and I did manage to go all of yesterday without Ghee (other than my coffee in the morning).

    I am absolutely disturbed by how much of this stuff I can eat. No matter how big of a meal i have, I still CRAVE ghee... even 20-40 minutes after eating (and by eating I mean 100-150grams of red meat, 10-15 spears of ghee-soaked asparagus, 1 cup of cauliflower rice, a side salad with MCT dressing and avocado - so definitely not skimping on portions or calories).

    I've done a few whole 30's so am familiar with going toe-to-toe with the sugar dragon, but since bulletproof I have absolute zero cravings for sugar or anything sweet (even fruit!), but the ghee is just insatiable. Like the previous poster I was wondering initially if it was the body just self regulating - that there is something in Ghee that i was deficient in, but a month on in a comprehensive supplement program and things are unchanged. And in the true spirit of confessing - by cravings I mean 400-600g a week if i just let myself go as i please.

    I'm a 5'4", 38 year old female who's reasonably active with things like jogging 2-3 days/week, doing a fit star workout 2-3 days/week, and pilates 1-2 days/week. No chronic cardio or mega-workouts. I drink 6-8 glasses of water a day (sometimes less if i'm drinking ginger or fennel tea.). I've stopped drinking alcohol (down to maybe 1 -2 drinks/month), and i do intermittent fasting - trying for 18 hours, but 16 seems to be my comfortable period (where i don't binge eat on the first meal).

    Any ideas out there for what could possibly be going on?

  • I started the bulletproof coffee 2 months ago. For the first two weeks I craved the butter/ghee/coconut oil/mct oil and had probably two or three drinks daily. Limited appetite and bowel movements were a little weird, harder and smaller due to almost no fiber, resolved after I started eating more vegetables. The ghee cravings diminished after about 2 weeks and although I still get them occasionally when i exercise a lot or don't eat enough carbs, it has never gotten to the CRAVING that it used to be. I suspect your body is delightedly replacing damaged cellular membranes with good fats. I also took a Lipid Profile blood test and amazingly all my results showed WAY better than before. LDL was down to 82, HDL was up at 85, Cholesterol 150. These are the best numbers in my life. I am 51 male and fairly active with yoga weight lifting and skiing or hiking. Not crazy exercising though.

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