Amazing Results Using Emwave2 While Laying In Bed Ready To Sleep

RodRod The Rodfather
edited January 2013 in Sleep Hacking
Hey all,

So I wanted to share my great success using the Emwave2 while laying in bed ready to sleep. I keep a pair of orange tinted glasses on ( in the dark, to avoid the blue light from the emwave) and have my laptop on a mobil desk unit, I pull the desk to my bed and use the emwave for 20 minutes. By the end of the 20 min, I'm already half sleep in 95% coherence. I literally will go to sleep when it's done in less than 3 minutes and will wake up in one shot earlier than expected feeling refreshed!

This is no hit or miss, 5 nights in a row, all the same results. I got rid of my iphone so I can't use my Zeo to track it. Try it out and let me know!!!!

Everything I learned about "biohacking" has been baby steps to "circadian biology", that's where the real biohacking comes in. You can buy a bunch of cool shit to "hack" but if you don't have context, you're not winning. Paleo is just a brand now and too many have opinions, it's on you to read and reread the material to not only find truth but to connect the dots. Much love to everyone who has helped me on my journey for restoring my health, please keep in touch. Feel free to message me with health questions [email protected] 



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