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How do you all feel about this? I recently bought soylent just to try it, but this seems like a much healthier product.


  • None of you find this interesting?

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    I definitely find it interesting. I'm just not sure it would be worth the cost. It's better than Soylent, and I can see the convenience benefit, but sticking to BP food choices is going to be more nutritious in the long run. If you're REALLY so pressed for time that you can't manage a few well-rounded meals a day, something like this would make a decent dietary supplement, but when you consider all of the BP or paleo pre-packaged edibles out there, fitting in a quick, healthy meal isn't really too hard or time consuming.

    I dunno. If something like this helps you to establish a routine that keeps you on the wagon, then it may be worthwhile. Not sure about all of those probiotics, though. I'm not knowledgable enough about the different strains to know if they're any good. Someone like @John Brisson would have to weigh in on that.

    It's not as expensive as I thought. The higher cal version is just over $6 a bottle, and if you're using it as a proper meal replacement, then that's a pretty fair price for a meal. Going to wait and see if reviews trickle in. Might try it myself just for fun.

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  • just got my first shipment a few days ago. I think it's great - taste, convenience, ingredients and their quality, no hunger pangs. to get all those quality ingredients in there and have it so palatable is pretty impressive. it's also insanely convenient. not to mention they've been very receptive to ideas, transparent and communicative.

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