Mike Nelson and Dominic D'Agostino -- Ketogenic Diet

Mike thinks that carbs are essential for training. More importantly, he advises that "I just don't see many people that can put on muscular size using a ketogenic diet". His view on carbs is not limited to lean muscle gains either.

Have a look at this video in which both he and Dominic D'Agostino are interviewed. Dom was quite polite, but it's clear to me who has a better understanding of the science. Further, unlike Mike, Dom doesn't state that this approach works for everyone but he does suspect that even if carbs are required for some types of high intensity, short duration events (i.e. 100 meter dash), that such athletes may do better training low carb and then taking carbs the day before the event.

What was particularly interesting to me is where Dominic starts talking about his some of his new studies which are now being published (signaling effects, dramatic reduction for inflammation markers, neuro-protective, etc.) as benefits to a ketogenic diet (once one is keto-adapted). Even Mike was amazed at the results and then basically stopped making further comments. At any rate, it's worth a look if you're interested in ketosis.


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