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    Hi Reka
    Thanks for your feedback. Sounds like the BP diet did not work for you. Makes me sad to hear. I am super-motivated after this TG weekend (and a few to many carbs) to get back on.
    I have felt this dizziness you mentioned. After ~1wk of low carb I am usually there. But I have to say that I like it. I am in a state of complete mental alertness. I feel my body working - burning - alive. Its a great feeling.
    I also replen my carbs on weekends. Mo - Fri is pretty strict. Sat/Sun I usually cut down on the fat and have more veggies. Lately I made some sweet potato for dinner on weekends on purpose - to get healthy carbs.
    Did you do a carb refeed?
    Did you lose weight during your diet? You said you did this for years?
    My workouts suffer to the extend that I am not able to last as long as normal. However, I would like to cut my workout time in general. I currently spend 90min at the gym and would like to get out after an hour (20min HIIT + 40min weights). I enjoy working out but I also would like to tackle other projects that I currently don't have time for.
    I track the times I eat and what I eat in a general sense. My meals are pretty consistent. What gets out of hand are the snacks - its easy to lose track after grabbing a handful of almonds 3 times in a row. That is why I decided against snacks during the week.
    IF for me is normal now. I am simply not hungry anymore until about 1-2pm. Even over the holiday weekend I skipped breakfast. The feeding phase is what i need to watch apparently, because even without breakfast, I still cannot shed the pounds.
    I am still boggled that I have such a hard time dropping the weight. Even with IF.

    Hi. Yes I did carb refeeds regularly, around every 5th day. I gained weight during BP, and while some of it was muscle, most was fat. Actually during the strict BP it was mostly fat, and after I was fed up and loosened up and cut some fat intake I started gaining muscle too. But I don't need even one gram of this extra weight, I had been pretty muscular before already.
    Initially I had the same alertness and feelings you describe. It was the cortisol going very high, and later on as I became more and more exhausted I only got this good feeling when I worked out really hard, I needed more and more stimulation to feel alive and that weakened my adrenals further. Now my cortisol is very low and I experienced very unpleasant personality changes in the past years too. I just don't want that anyone else ends up like this, thinking that they are doing the right thing for their health. On the other hand I know that the HFLC approach seems to work for years for some people, more for men than women. All I'm saying is, track how you feel and how your body changes, and if it's slowly deteriorating, stop what you are doing. The BP approach itself changed and evolved in the past (from the initial do't count kcal just eat tons of fat and not much else and that will take care of everything) and I hope it will continue to do so.

    hi Reka, what you said makes sense to me. So pls, what are you eating right now during the day? How many carbs,fat,proteins and when? did you cut coffee out the equation? what about water retention? sorry too much questions. thank you

    Hi Santi.

    Well my macros are very non-BP currently, and I feel a bit uncomfortable describing it on a BP site, but as long as it can be helpful, why not. I keep fat around 15% of my kcal intake (trying to stay between 20-25 grams of fat and adding oat fiber to meals that contain most of it), protein around 20-25 and the rest is carbs, and I eat frequently in order to prevent getting tired and prevent that my cells are starved. Sometimes I eat dessert for breakfast because I really need to de-stress and make my mornings less terrible. So instead of rushing to work and stressing over the commuting and the job, I take my time in the mornings as well.

    I want to cut caffeine but I wasn't able to do it yet because I'm in a total brain fog without it: not only useless at study and work, but also dangerous to myself (so exhausted that I can get into accidents). So cutting caffeine will be a slow process.

    So far I haven't lost anything but at least the fat gain seems to have stopped, and I'm eating 500 kcal/day more than before, and instead of working out 10-12 hours per week I only work out around 3 hours per week. I hope that my metabolism will gain more speed if I keep this up. I also take T4 (prescribed), adrenal extracts, glycine and Q10. I also hope to have the energy to work out more but I don't dare to train much at the moment because I'm afraid it can worsen my exhaustion.

    Let me also add this article:
    which describes similar interventions to what I am doing currently.

    My case can be somewhat special because I already spent around ten years dieting and working out, it can be different for someone who hasn't done that, but I think low carb paired with trainings can put most people in this sad position if they do it for a long enough time. (And there are some hormonal ways through which high fat can slow down metabolism. I ate lots of fat for some years thinking that it would provide healthy fuel to my body and even help in my workouts, but that fat is now sitting on my hips and belly instead.)

    It doesn't get easier... It's you who gets better.


    Is your social worker in that horse?


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  • I wonder,if there's anyone here who watches and maybe has worked with Stephanie ' keto' Person?
    She's almost 50 but doesn't look her age imo, but she's been in ketosis for 9 years straigth.

    She's the only woman I can think of,who pulls off ketosis (no refeeds) and even manages to look better by the years.
    Or maybe it's mostly the women for whom ketosis didn't work ,which are so vocal about it? (understandably though)
    (I'm just having a really hard time figuring out my own problems and what dietary measures work for me, as I can't afford to seek help)

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